Vorres Museum

Vorres Museum is a cultural foundation that was founded in 1983 in order to promote Greek art and culture through a broad spectrum of activities: from the organization of exhibitions in Greece and abroad to educational programs for children. The museum which sprawls over six acres, is divided into two main sections: the museum of Contemporary Greek Art and the Folk Art Museum, both of which house collections that cover at least 2500 years of Greek history.

The whole complex is laid out in a way that highlights the Greek spirit in a unique way. In the contemporary part you will find one of the most important and representative collections of its kind in the world. It comprises of paintings and sculptures by leading Greek artists, displaying a Greek interpretation of most of the international artistic currents of the second half of the 20th century. The folk art section is an extraordinary complex of 19th century buildings, courtyards and gardens or rather a re-adaptation and readjustment of traditional Greek architectural features housing antiquities, icons, ceramics, popular artifacts and objects used in daily Greek life centuries ago.

The gardens, wild and consisting almost entirely of Mediterranean flora are an indispensable part of the museum being described by many as the most beautiful gardens in Athens.

Open hours

  • Saturday & Sunday, 10:00-14:00
  • Daily only by arrangement and only for groups more than twenty (20) people.


  • General admission: 5€
  • Recyclable Art Workshop: 5€
  • Reduced fare: 3€ students, university students, seniors (65 years old+) 
Diadochou Konstantinou 1, Peania, 19002, Attica