The small historical island of Hydra is the most cosmopolitan island of the Saronic Gulf. Hydra is a long narrow island (​​52 square kilometers in total) and it is just 6 miles from the Peloponnese. The island got its name from the water that sprang from there in antiquity. It is an island with a rich maritime tradition and played an important role in the revolution of 1821, along with the island of Spetses and Psara. If you take a walk around the island, you will see the old mansions, museums, cannons and turrets of the harbor.

The port of Hydra is situated in the town, which has been declared an archaeological site, listed building and place of exceptional natural beauty. You should remember that there are no cars in Hydra and for your transportation you will need to rely on donkeys and water taxis that can take you from beach to beach.

Hydra is a particularly popular destination for the Athenians, especially at weekends given the short distance from the capital.