Kaisariani Monastery

The Monastery lies at a short distance to the east of Athens, on a hillside at the foot of Mt. Hymettos. It is one of the most important Byzantine monuments of Attica. It was built in the 11th century and flourished in the late 12th and early 13th century, becoming a remarkable spiritual center with important scholars of the time. The main income of the monastery was mainly the production of honey; the area was famous for it even in antiquity. The library of the monastery was destroyed after the outbreak of the Revolution of 1821. The church, dedicated to Virgin Mary, is typical of a  Byzantine building of the 11th century, while the chapel of St. Anthony and the bell tower are later additions. Inside the church, you will be impressed by the four ancient columns supporting the dome, and the frescoes of the early 18th century. The monastery is in the pine forest of Hymettus, which has many sources of running water and is rich in archaeological finds, mainly from the Classical and Roman periods. It is worth noting that a building older than the monastery has been found with a pre-Christian sculpture of Rhea or Cybele. 

Open Hours Daily 08:30-15:00, except Monday

Tickets Full fare: €2, Reduced fare: €1

Kaisariani, Attica